A dog cuddles his owner.

Summer is in full swing, and if you’re looking for pet-friendly fun in the sun, Animal Medical Center has you covered! Our pet experts have compiled suggestions for summer activities you can enjoy with your pet. And while many of these pastimes seem perfect for pooches, you might have a charismatic cat or fun-loving ferret who wouldn’t mind joining in.

We truly believe that our pets are family, and it’s natural to want to include them in family fun. Check out these outdoor adventures from our team at Animal Medical Center. 

Safety Comes First

Before venturing to new places with your pet, keep these summer safety tips in mind: 

  • Schedule a checkup to make sure your pet is healthy before boosting activity levels in the summer heat.
  • Keep it cool: ensure your pet has access to fresh water and shade.
  • Use sunscreen made just for pets.
  • Rest often.
  • Microchip your pet in case you get separated, and be sure your pet’s ID tags are current.

Have a Picnic in the Park

Pet-friendly parks and trails give pets and their parents a chance to explore Mother Nature together. Make your day at the park extra special by packing picnic lunches for you and your pet. Just don’t let your pet nibble the native flora; some plants can be toxic to pets. Got a cat or an exotic pet that doesn’t like to travel? Plan a picnic in your own backyard! 

Chart a New Course

Sometimes, outdoor fun is right around the next corner. Try a new walking route with your pet to explore new parts of the neighborhood. You’ll see new things and meet new people and pets throughout your journey.

Take Your Dog to Dinner

Nothing says summer like dinner on a patio with your favorite pooch. There are nearby dog-friendly restaurants that welcome leashed dogs to their outdoor dining areas. Just don’t let your pet sneak a taste of people food that contains ingredients that are harmful to pets.

Go Camping

No summer is complete without a camping trip. So pack up your pet and your tent (or fuel up the RV) and check out one of the local pet-friendly campsites. You’ll also want to make sure your pet is up-to-date on appropriate vaccines and parasite control

Hit the Beach

Spend a lazy day at a dog-friendly beach, or transform your backyard into a pint-sized waterpark for all the pets in your household with sprinklers, pet tunnels, and baby pools. Add a beach umbrella and serve cold water and your pet’s favorite treats for an all-out vacation resort experience!

Whatever your plans are for summer fun, what matters most is spending quality time with your pets. Enjoy these special moments, and let us know if your pet needs a wellness visit or if you have any questions about pet-friendly activities.