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Animal Medical Center

Animal Medical Center

Animal Medical Center
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When Your Pet’s Health Requires Rapid Diagnostics & In-House Pharmacy, Animal Medical Center Has You Covered

A dog being shown their x-ray

Our caring, compassionate veterinary team knows that sometimes advanced diagnostics are necessary for a complete picture of a pet’s health. Our tests can provide accurate diagnosis which can determine the most effective course of treatment for your pet’s unique situation.

The Right Tools

Our hospital is fully equipped with the right tools to diagnose your pet’s medical issue, including digital radiography (X-rays) and ultrasound. Our in-house lab can test blood chemistry, and deliver results from urinalysis and fecal exams.

The ability to test for and address various symptoms of a potential illness or injury can save you and your pet a lot of time, especially when it matters the most. The ability to jumpstart a treatment for a medical condition is one of our hospital’s mainstays.

Our Full-Service Pet Pharmacy

Whether your pet needs immediate medicine to support a recently diagnosed health condition, or requires ongoing medication of chronic disease, we’ve got them covered at our full-service pharmacy. Well-stocked with a wide range of prescription medications and diets, our pharmacy service can provide your pet with quick relief.

All the Support When You Need Us

At Animal Medical Center, we recognize the importance of disease prevention, but we also understand that sometimes illness or injury strikes when we least expect it. Being able to hone in on what’s causing a pet to experience pain, discomfort, swelling, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and more, can lead to successful treatment and a positive prognosis.

Our diagnostic testing eliminates the guesswork and gets your pet well on their way to recovery through supportive treatment.

If you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s health, or need to talk about our diagnostic and in-house pharmacy, please call us at (813) 654-6222. We are always here when you need us!