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Allergy and Dermatology Services for Sensitive Pets

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Is your pet scratching at their skin more than usual? They could be allergic to something in the air or their environment. A proactive approach to uncomfortable and distressing symptoms may include our allergy and dermatology services at Animal Medical Center. We are here to help your pet feel better as soon as possible!

What Are Pet Allergies?

If your pet comes into contact with a potential allergen, their immune system could launch an inflammatory attack. Airborne triggers range from pollen, dust mites, and animal dander, but pet allergies can also be caused by food and parasites.

Common symptoms of pet allergies include severe skin itching, rashes, hives, ear infections, watery eyes, and respiratory issues. Allergies can also lead to hair loss, open wounds, and secondary bacterial infections. Some allergens are seasonal, and some cause problems throughout the year.

Working Toward Relief

Pet allergies can make a pet miserable with near-constant scratching of the skin and little-to-no relief. That’s where we come in. With advanced diagnostics and dermatology services, our team can get to the bottom of allergy causes. We can identify and soothe allergy symptoms so your pet no longer suffers through the experience.

We now have Librela and Solensia available for your pets!

Understanding Triggers

After we conduct a physical exam and discuss the possible allergens your pet may have encountered, we can set to work on diagnosing the specific cause of their allergy symptoms. This can include blood work, an allergy panel, immuno-therapy, intradermal (skin) testing, or a biopsy. We work together with you to develop an effective treatment plan that may involve:

  • Topical medication
  • Apoquel tablets®
  • Cytopoint®
  • Prescription corticosteroids
  • Allergy shots (for desensitization)
  • Immunotherapy
  • Prescription food
  • Antibiotics (if a secondary bacterial infection is present)
  • Parasite medication
  • Medicated baths or shampoos
  • Ear drops

Complex cases of pet allergies may benefit from a combination of various treatments, or a long-term strategy to manage flare-ups.

Veterinary Dermatology

In addition to pet allergies, Animal Medical Center can treat the following common dermatological conditions:

  • Lumps and bumps
  • Cancer
  • Skin and ear infections
  • Hormonal disorders

We’re Here to Help!

Allergies and dermatological conditions can be very challenging. When issues are properly treated, you’re giving your pet every chance at a happy, comfortable, and healthy life. Our professional veterinary team will work with you on a customized plan that meets all of your pet’s needs.

Please give us a call at (813) 793-7555 or click here to request an appointment.