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Animal Medical Center

Animal Medical Center

Animal Medical Center
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Boarding and Daycare Accomodations for Brandon and Valrico Cats and Dogs

Be Our Guest!

A dog laying down with its ball

Whether you’re leaving town for a bit, hosting an event at home, or conducting a home remodeling project, sometimes you need to board your pet to ensure they’re safe and sound. Animal Medical Center offers spacious, comfortable accommodations for our guests, and peace of mind for their owners!

The Benefits of Staying On-Site

We go the extra mile to ensure every pet is at ease during their stay with us. Signs of stress and anxiety are part of the experience, but we work hard to relax our guests and provide them with positive interactions. Play and exercise work together to soothe fear and doubt, and we enjoy learning about each guests’ personality and interests.

If your pet requires veterinary care in your absence, they really couldn’t be in a better spot than our boarding facility. We can intervene quickly and provide them with service and treatments that keep them safe and healthy. For owners of special needs or differently-abled pets, reserving a spot in our boarding facility provides confidence that your pet is in the right hands.

Stay and Play

Animal Medical Center boarding is the place to be. Dogs get to stay in their own separate room complete with inside runs and raised bedding. Depending on their size and comfort level, you can choose what size area is best for them (we can easily meet the needs of pets of all sizes, from small to large). Have more than one pet? Ask about our 10% discount for pets sharing a single run.

Just For Cats

Our feline friends enjoy their own quiet room separate from our canine guests. They can spend their time snoozing in their cozy spot or playing with our boarding staff. While cats may not need as much room as dogs to roam around and play, we are always striving to ensure each feline guest has plenty of personal space in which to feel comfortable, safe, and happy.

Current Vaccinations

We require that all of our boarding guests are current with the core vaccinations. This not only protects them from contracting a disease in your absence, but ensures all of our other guests are safe, too. If they aren’t up to date, we are happy to complete their necessary vaccinations prior to their arrival date.

Extra Items

If your pet is on a special diet, please bring the food with you along with any instructions on your pet's daily care. Likewise, you will need to discuss any medications with our technicians so they can properly administer them during your pet’s stay.

A dog and cat laying in a blanket

Daycare Services

Many dogs have trouble staying at home alone for longer than an hour or two. For pet owners that work or have other daily commitments, we offer daycare programs to keep your pup moving, playing, and socializing with new friends. By the time you arrive to pick them up, they are relaxed, happy, and calm for the evening ahead.

In addition to supplying energetic, young dogs with a stimulating environment, daycare is a great option for pets that need a little more special attention during the day. For example, we can provide care for a dog that requires frequent bathroom breaks, needs supervision following a surgical procedure, or must have regular intervals of medication. If appropriate, these guests may be able to play with our other visiting friends during our daycare hours.

Excited to Be Your Host!

Please call us for more information about our boarding and daycare services. We look forward to welcoming your pet as a guest!